Can you introduce yourself in some lines?
I live in Essen, a city in the west of the country, which lived on coal and steel. What remains is a colliery, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. My city is comparable to developments of cities in France. I do part-time jobs to get by and use every free minute to paint and draw. The art is very important for me.


How would you define your art?
Imagine that your brain is a defective archives and everything breaks down and gets confused. Movies, music, comics, art, literature and everyday life fall into a mental meltdown in which boundaries of the inside condition no longer be separated from outer life.  A panopticon of superlatives in a fast world of moments, which is more fragile than we think. We live restless and without compromise and lose the sense of the essentials out of sight. I try to catch it in my works…


What are your sources of inspiration?
The aesthetics is inspired by deals with the speed with which the presence radically changed. So many things affect people, change you, change their way to speak, and their thinking. We live in a world that never turned faster than it does today. I see the elderly and I see a young generation and I see myself. I see fears and hopes I don´t want to lose hopes for a better future. My works inspired by internal and external conditions of crisis.  But everybody find a own story without my introduction and thats is more important as all words before.


Have you ever used the urban space in your artistic demarche?
I`m from Ruhr area. Here lives 6 million peoples. Urban art has been a subculture here for a long time but urban art is omnipresent here. For the first time I had contact with urban art in the 90s. I remember, I watched as a duo in a parking garage sprayed a fantastic picture. Her technique, her own style and the bright colors didnt´t let me go. I understood that it was the expresseion of my generation and will become more important as a cultural part. No, I never went with the can, but I always keep an eye on urban style whereever I go.


Your works are very colorful. Do you have a need to put bright colors in our gray world for aesthetic reasons or for deeper reasons?
My addiction to document the modern life in detail, is the joy of nonconformity. Illustrations about the present can be refined by the detail and performed to excess. What looks funny and colorful, is sometimes depressing and frightening at second glance. Behind color dosen´t always have happiness. The message is less important to me than the interaction, and anyone who looks at my pictures find sometimes his own story and more and more details…


Your projects?
I’m doing an online marketing of my art and it has created a lot of creative energy.

One last word?
All works are hand drawn with Stabilos and aren´t computergraphics. That makes a part of the appeal. The motto of my art is slowing down, tarry, take your time, let’s not rush you and trust your natural abilities.


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