Where did you see your first tags and your first graffiti?
I saw the first graffitti in Paris, maybe 1987/88 I was 9 years old.

Where did you paint the first time?
I painted with a couple of friends my first wall, it wasn’t a graffiti, I used latex, brushes and rollers and it was in Colegiales, a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.

And where did you put your first tag?
I was not a tagger, I got into street art and graffitti from another school, graphic design, classic arts, and I was already adult for tags.


Who did you meet in your early days?
I met a lot of great people and cool artists from my city, and the a lot of great artist from around the globe, in festivals and exhibitions. In 2006 TLP (the london police) came to buenos aires and he made us paint big formats, we painted then a nice spot, it was an essential kick.

What were the places where you’ve painted your beginnings?
I guess mostly on the neighbourhood that we were working at. Colegiales, Chacarita. Bs As.


Can you tell us about your current work?
Im working on a new serie of paintings on canvas, after exhibiting last november, so experimenting a couple of things. I’m also involved in different mural projects, that will be developed during this year. Working on silkscreen prints as well.

Did you travel with your art?
Yes, I travelled a lot with my art. I guess it is one of the best part of this job. New experiences, meeting people, artists.

Do you have influences? If so why ?
I have many, hard to describe. I like classical argentinian painters, classical painters from elsewhere. Then a couple of concepts and aesthetics that belong to the graphic designer view. And many street artist that I admire, because there is always someone that encourages you to move forward.


A mad desire that you would realize someday?
I have no idea! I just desire to be healthy and strong to keep painting, working.

A last word.
Love what you do, dream of it, work hard.

Site : https://pedro-perelman.com

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