Meeting with Enos from Leeuwarden in Netherland. At 39 years old Enos produces superb pieces with letters full of harmony and very dynamic.


What does mean your tag?
Nothing special, or maybe I don’t know, got the name from a coffee shop in my city where I hang a lot before I start writing, the shop was called “the zone”, always liked the name and letters so I played a little bit with them and Enoz was born hahaha, later I switched the Z into an S, a much cooler letter with more swing and flow.

Can you tell us how you start to write?
By seeing the pieces and tags in my city when I was a little kid, just wanted to do that too.

Why chose writing?
Because I love letters, and painting on a nice and sunny day with good friends.


Did you draw before start writing?
Yes as far back as I can remember.

How you can define your style?
As the classic New-York style with eye for detail and a good swing.

What is your inspiration for this style?
The New-York legends such as seen and always loved can 2 his work.


How we can define what is good letters?
With good connections swing and style.

Is one style typically of your city or country?
No, it’s a mix of style and anti-style.

Can you tell us how the writing comes to your city?
As far as I can remember it was always there.


How people and authorities see the writing in your city, and your country in general view?
Very very positive, we got a lot of halls of fame and several graffiti platforms, who do big murals in our city, so there is enough to find from street art to graffiti.

What is the connection you have with your city, your country?
Born and raised there, I love my city.

Do you have some anecdotes to tell us?
Oooh yes got one, going in the transition from male to female so Mister Enos will be Misses Enos in the future, and for all the haters fuck you.


Do you have a word for the end?
Thanks, Lady K for having me, and a huge shout out to my crewmates Demo, Swok and Pego, thanks for your love and support and the good times we had and will come. and a shout out to daddies Nasty sons, Edit, Ras, Mopz, and T-bag and all the writers in my city, peace.

Thanks too, and go to watch more painting of Enos on Instagram: Enos

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