RASKO Graffiti Vandal Street Artist


Where do you come from?

Why choose Rasko?
Streets gave me this name and it is the best (Still cannot believe)…

It means something?
R – means Real it rocks
A – means Absolutly, form of triangle and best letter by the sound
S – Super Hussler, it strikes! it is graceful as a snake
K – is a Killer!
O – only Original

What is your crews?
No crews, I’m dealin with Hood Husslaz.

Since how many time you write?

I’m writing since 99, maybe some sketches at 98, first photocamera in 2004-2005.

Some of your videos exceed the million of views, how you can explain?
It was a good time and good videos!

What made you want to start?

Dark side music and hiphop, unclear inscriptions of cool people on walls struck me by the mysticism and the dopeness.



What are you looking for in your letters?
I try to do them really real, my names have to миять and stun all with the style.

How is the scene writing in Russia?
It’s not growing.

It doesn’t exist for a long time?
Since 98-99.

I heard that street art could be one of the few tools for freedom of expression?
I dunno. I see only lot of people who try to earn money on street art as it is easier to sell it.

Can you explain how easy it is to make money with street art?
To earn money people do the style more sold and clear to all that everyone could understand it. I draw graffiti it what it was for me initially, I’m not strongly informed on earnings on art

Do you tagged for freedom?
Im tagging and writing to promote my style, to make it famous and really cool, and i just like it.


Can writing be considered as an American cultural practice?
I dunno, it came to us from Europe mostly.

And in a country like Russia where the two blocs engaged in a cultural war, can we think that writing helps spread a liberal cultural ideology?
The mentality changes, but I don’t see cultural war here. People need only now prosperity and good life, only very few people are interested in liberalism.

The Agitprop used trains to spread the ideas of Marxism-Leninism, how to paint a train now is perceived in Russia?
The painted train gonne be buffed within one day.


It’s easy to write in Russia on street, trains and walls? Specially at Moscow?
In small towns the police can quickly find active artists, and in big, like Moscow, especially nobody does not care, but municipal services paint over drawings within 3 days often. It is quite easy to draw under different bridges and along trainlines.

Do you make exhibition?
No, I don’t do exhibitions yet, but I try to do more works on canvases and in digital format. I trying to learn something new (smile)…

What are your inspirations?
Everything and other graffiti writers.

What are you looking for? your style seems marked by the liquor and proposes its own rhythm apart from the calligraphic canons?
I want to make the style ideal and to change it a little and to develop.

Since how many time you make design for clothes? It’s your mark or mark take your design?
YES all mine, with help of my hustlas from da hood. I began this year and I plan a to release more and improve things for myself and for street guys!


Where we can buy?

Have you a word for the end?
Thanks for an interviev & Peace and respect to all playaz and graffiti writers wordwide!


Photographies : © Rasko


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