Can you explain what is Unframed?  
Seyar: Is un-framed to people show where it comes from where the roots are. Many writers of today do not even know about graffiti from the ’70s and ’80s… I started with graffiti in 84. I’m influenced by Beat streetStyle warsSubway art, and one exhibition in Helmond about New-York graffiti. But not the writers of the new generation. They have new heroes new examples. But I believe a writer should know where it started. So the point of departure is to show where it started and where it is now, and everything in between. That is why we have such a nice line-up with diversity. Also, I thought that every edition had a minimum of 4 oldskool legends and then various and from other countries from now and then, and to exhibit and sell their work. The idea was in my head on a smaller scale. I presented the idea of T-kid 170 in Paris. He asked me to do a wall with CP.5 part and Wuze. Then it went fast, in the 2018 first edition. I just met Arjan, he and I are un-framed… Later came Vincent at that time, and presented my idea to him. He was just as enthusiastic as I was. He had a nice location in Heerlen Vossenkuilweg (De Kissel) where now also un-framed is kept.


Why have chosen « Unframed » as a name?
Seyar: Well after Arjan and I had added our ideas and gathered people around us. It was one of them with a list of names and those that were still available… We had nice people and everything but no name. I think you first come up with a concept and only then the name. That name was in that list which in my eyes immediately jumped out because it is a bit true too. We are writers who smell an event a bit like a gallery but is not entirely. So we do what galleries do but then a little rougher slightly more urban slightly more street. The name, the artists, the place… It is un-framed. You look visits buy experiences everything but without that nice edge… What that edge costs the buyer money and not here everything becomes access cellar…

What are you looking for with Unframed?
Seyar: I hope unframed grow to what we have in mind: a multi-day event for everyone from collectors to ordinary people, accessible to everyone but especially that the artists can show their work, promote sales or attract potential customers for the future. Especially that the idea is that people who give their idol examples no matter what you want to call but can touch negotiate yourself. That the artists can earn a living with it. I think this is the time for it. It is getting wider and wider and more socially accepted than ever before… Those who now rule the laws and the land are the ones who grew up with graffiti in the streets: that’s where nicely packed street art comes from… Which is nothing more than graffiti that has developed over the years as a result, different currents have arisen that is also what we want to show.


How is unframed going? How many days does it last?
Seyar: We can be satisfied with the number of visitors and works sold… Of course, everything can be better but it is only the 2nd edition… It took 9 days and during the week many tours and schools…

What is going on in these nine days?
Seyar: First weekend the opening on Friday. Saturday meets Sunday and greets with artists who may or may not be working on the jam because the first weekend we have added a jam. So that the visitor experiences and sees their favorite work. Sometimes later in the week… Sometimes one has been before not to be seen with face or public by open to the public for the week and schools and groups come for guided tours and the closing weekend. Both inside and outside it is a spectacle with unknown names…

How does the public welcome this event?
Seyar: Very positive. So far we don’t hear any negative sounds. I think with these line ups, people get more than elsewhere.

Local authorities must be happy to have a cultural event in their city?
Seyar: Absolutely. I started last year without any support. This year received a small budget for the next 3 years. This will grow as the cultural leader of the province was wildly enthusiastic. Logical too… We are not appointed or wanted to organize something, we do this from our own. So you are one more motivated two more concerned with it because it is your child. I am fairly resolute, which is still tummelt brings. I believe everyone paid or not paid, 100% commitment of desire and otherwise out. People who slow us down or think they have an interest of their own… Be banned or said goodbye.



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