Time for Art has been organizing street events in different cities in Russia since 2013, to the delight of street art lovers. We went to meet them.

Hello, Can you tell us about Time For art a few words?
The idea of « Time for Art » is to show the works of street artists. Artists meet to communicate with others, exchange experiences, and, of course, demonstrate their work. The event contains all styles of graffiti, here are works of artists from the Russian street art industry. The project has existed for more than a year and has been showing its worth to this day. « Time for Art » is a unique and spectacular event in Russian contemporary art. Each event provides a demonstration and educational program. The educational program includes master classes, « sketch battles », competitions for children and guests of the exhibition, and the demonstration part presents art objects, illustrations, canvases, posters, and stencils.
The « Time for Art » project promotes capacity-building and experience exchange between artists from different regions of the country. The project affects the cultural level of people, increasing interest in modern art, and forming a positive opinion about graffiti and street art nationwide.


How many years have you organized an event in Russia?
The first exhibition has held in Moscow in 2013 at the sugar factory. For 7 years, the project shows more and more new works, new faces and introduces the most sophisticated modern audience with the works of professional and young artists. At present 27 events have already been organized, which more than 500 artists took part from all over Russia.


Where has this already happened and where will it be this year?
The « Time for Art » project took place in major cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Rostov-on-don, Krasnodar, Sochi, Smolensk, and also visited Belarus in Minsk. In 2019, the project was invited to China. In September 2020, our team will organize a street art festival in Yaroslavl, Russia. There will be an exhibition and decoration of building facades. Festival will be organized in six districts of Yaroslavl with a total area of 1500 m2. The « Time for Art » project promotes the development of the potential and exchange of artists’ experience from different regions of the country, affects the cultural level of people, increasing with a total area of 1,500 m2.


The viewer can feel the other side of street life.

Why this city?
In 2020, it will be the anniversary of Yaroslavl, the city is 1010 years old. The festival is dedicated to Russian culture, so the city was selected as the capital of the « Golden ring ». The Golden Ring of Russia is a tourist route that passes through cities that have preserved unique monuments of Russian history and culture.

How did the authorities get this project?
The state authorities supported the holding of this festival because decorated facades will improve and emphasize the uniqueness of the urban style of each district of the city.


Do you think it could be a tourist attraction?
Facades of buildings with portraits of famous figures, made by street art artists, in the districts of Yaroslavl will become a tourist attraction because each work can show you the history of Russia.


Do you know who will take part in the festival?
It will be a sketch contest for participation in the festival. Any artist can submit an application to participate in the competition. The exhibition will present works by famous artists from different regions of the country. Graffiti artists from 11 Russian cities are invited to participate in the festival. The Festival will be held for more than 8000 people.


Do you prefer people who write letters, or rather symbols, maybe you try to mix them up?
Street art is the work of young people, thinking and often protesting authors. The ideology of graffiti is freedom of creativity. Each artist creates works according to their own rules. The main idea of the project is to unite artists who started their author’s statements on the streets in different styles.


The ideology of graffiti is freedom of creativity.

Why do we organize events?
The concept of the project based on a dialogue between the viewer and the author with his own unique history of becoming from a novice « writer » to a professional artist. The dialogue with the audience on the project goes through the exposition and organized master classes and lectures, which allows you to demonstrate the skill and experience that was acquired exclusively on the street. The organization of events is attracted by the concentration of collective energy when strangers participate in the same project and exchanging their experience and knowledge. The viewer can feel the other side of street life.


Website: https://eng.timeforart.ru/
Photographies: 2020 © timeforart

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