Between a Milanese loop and a slice of watermelon, we met Lady Nina in Rome. For the rest of the world confined to his country, the airports closed, she draws rainbows for us and it would take very little to dive into the Trevise fountain.


Hello Nina TDS, you are born in 1981, and you live in Rome. How did you start painting in 2000?
With friends from my neighborhood in the street, I have stopped after a couple of years.

Why choose Nina?
The choice of my tag comes from the passion for cartoons and comics. Nina is a character from Hiroshi Sasagawa from 1976.


You drawing before?
Since my 7 or 8 years, I was drawing. I ranged from the acrylic technique to the watercolor technique; I experimented a little with all types. I draw portraits, animals, and people. Now my favorite subject is women because it is more stimulating and fun.

What did you study?
Photography, since 2005 I make shooting and reportage.


Why choose writing?
Because they are the only thing that makes me feel myself. I’m in peace when I paint, it is a moment that I live to feel good about myself and my love for graffiti.

You start by drawing letters and only letters or characters too?
About graffiti, I started drawing only letters, and about the characters, I started later to insert them in my sketches in 2008. I always wanted to insert them, that complete the sketch as I like it. 

What are you looking for when you paint?
The evolution and to develop my technical skills to the fullest now.

They are many girls to paint in Roma? Italia?
Compared to when I started there are more.


It’s pretty « macho », right? How people greeted you in the writing scene?
The graffiti environment is 80% masculine and there is a very male-dominated part. I have a good relationship with the people I made friends with. Let’s say that in the scene I sweated a lot to have credibility and the key is how to give my best in all environments.

Why do you think there are so many men and so few women?
Because a masculine environment is not easy to deal with.


The Italians are reputed very « macho », do you think that in the northern countries it would have been different?
I think no.

Have you ever had reactions because you are a girl: for example, Sany PUFF shows in his film Girl Power inscriptions on his graffiti type « go back to the kitchen »?
Sany makes a different kind of graffiti than me, respects his work.


Sany explains it is maybe because the mentality in east countries is not the same, maybe over there. The place of a woman is more than in the kitchen than the street for the bombing. Does painting for a girl, no matter where she comes from, can be a kind of empowerment?
I think every woman is well in a place where it’s better. I love staying in the kitchen but also painting in the street or any other place.

What are your favorite supports?
Now, I like the wall of abandoned seats, and before I like the street too.


What kind of other support do you use?
Any support I like, canvas, street signs, pizza box, maps.

You make exhibitions?
Yes, I make artwork for famous companies like Fendi, Asics, Redbull.


What are your projects?
I am currently working on a publishing project and a social one.

You have a word for the end?
Give the best always.


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