In Europe we don’t really know what’s going on with Swan, except for those who have read Proust, the same goes for the Asian scene, but fortunately, Paris Tonkar is responding to go around the world writing and bringing back the best pieces. Today is a meeting with Violent from Kelantan in Malaysia.


Hi Violent, can you tell us how old are you? 

What is your tag, what does mean your tag?
Violent it’s doesn’t mean anything it’s just my nickname since college and I used for my tag name.


Can you tell us how you start to write?
I think in 2006 video games Marc Ecko: Getting up, makes me want to try my own graffiti. I was started trying to make stencils, slaps stickers, wheat-paste poster after that I’m trying freehand graffiti in 2008 all of them started in Kuala Lumpur. In 2016 I’m back in my hometown in Kelantan till now. I still improving my skills.

Why chose writing?
Adrenaline, fun, and satisfying.


Did you draw before start writing? 
Of course, but normally it’s just for guidance. When I’m in front wall everything changes… Sometimes random ideas more satisfying.

How you can define your style?
Semi-wild style sometimes basics lettering.


What is your inspiration for this style?
It comes in many ways sometimes randomly, sometimes from the internet, sometimes from old sketches.

How we can define what is good letters?
It depends, sometimes people said fonts structure, color combination, lettering flow, sometimes cleanest outlines.


Is one style typically of your city or country?
Graff artists have their own styles. We all try to be differently & I’m personally respect people who have their own original styles.

They are one typical style in your city, your country?
Not really, we only have less than 100 active graffiti artists half of them more to characters painting other half have their own styles & we all recognize their styles.


Who are the firsts writing in your city? 
As long as I know in my hometown, first introduced graff is me but in Malaysia named Phobia & he owns 1st graffiti shop in here.

How people and authorities see the writing in your city, and your country in general view?
Better than previous years, because of the internet, and people love taking photos. Even now in some cities called Penang, street arts is one of the tourism attractions, and some locals make income from it. By selling postcards of street art artworks, printed t-shirt, etc. Some of the artists quit their job & be full-time graffiti artists. I think its good for all.


Can we think of writing as a form of democracy?
Maybe, if democracy means free to choose.

Do you think it is like one chromotherapy for the city where the dominant is grey?
The city without arts is made city too perfect, for me to be perfect is boring, a mistake is creative. I also like to quote words from one of the best graffiti artists named Jaba. He said “The city without graffiti is a city without a soul” -Jaba.


Do you have a word for the end? 
Shoutout to my family members in Mediumtouch, and follow me at.

Thanks to Lady K / 156

Follow him on his Instagram: Theviolent

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