There are many collectors come to see?
Seyar: Yes, it works, of course, we are in a learning process because this is something new for us too but we have nothing to complain about the course of sales. It could, of course, be much better… We see that works of lower price class are flying out and the more expensive or large works are a bit more difficult. Also, the collectors will be considerably higher next year because I get help from someone. We have a unique concept and grow into something big… Atom said last year this can change everything.

Do you have young collectors who come to buy works, like collectors more confirmed?
Seyar: I believe with the concept we have become more accessible to people who thought that they cannot buy art from their idols. The threshold is much lower here than in a normal gallery.

Is Holland a good place to sell street-art?
Seyar: I think we are not only referring to Holland but also Belgium and Germany, France and Luxembourg are also not far from Heerlen. it is a euro region.

I was talking with Pascal from Urban Spree who told me that 70% of the buyers of the futura2000 that he exhibited were French when to Jonone’s clientele it is mainly French, Belgian and Swiss. It seems that the few people who buy writing are rather located in this region, so it’s finally a pretty strategic place? 
Seyar: I think we are in the right place strategically because it is three countries point and Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland are not far away either with airports Dusseldorf and Koln also accessible for the whole world. There will be considerably more collectors in the coming year.

I see that few writers manage to sell letters, I even note that many writers are moving towards the figurative to live their artistic skills. Is it possible that in Holland, writers can find an audience that appreciates writing?
Seyar: I think if we take the path of art and want to earn your living you have to go on the flow. Sometimes you have to make things you don’t want, but if you want to live from it you have to broaden your horizons. You have been with some is over e.g. nash is talented but sells almost nothing, while I know what else he makes he keeps himself busy with Bboy characters.. While he can do much more, for example, realistic but stubborn that they are and dutch writers get too little recognition in my eyes. Take Ces53 he has so much meaning in the European train graffiti: he is a pioneer. He sells his work for a low price. I think he deserves much more than he gets now but that is this time. Many people buy with feeling. I think a Ces53 work later in 20 years is considerably higher… So take your chance and buy I would say… Look Mser… Look at his followers look what he does: in my eyes the best train writer ever is the seen from this time… The people who now see him as an example maybe a fan: his age can’t afford it but in 20 years that potential buyer will determine his price now. I have to paint it what he makes is of such high quality… He doesn’t more than five a year… So you know you have gold if you have something from him. And who has this… An event running live on a real train!

How do you choose the artists you exhibit?
Seyar: How did I choose them. Yes, especially most are good acquaintances and or friends of mine, or friends of friends. I choose these artists. One: because they are very important for graffiti now and then include names that have never been at an event or gallery… And if you want to bring something that sets you apart from the rest. Then you come up with a line up like this. Look most who organize something keep it small because a have a small budget. Two: I would rather fill their own pockets than spend on a nice concept. Well here is my heart, and I think we will express that too. I am working on something, I can not say what because it is still very early and uncertain but we will see in the upcoming edition 2020 whether it has succeeded…

Do you have a word for the end? 
Seyar: Of course .. First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in unframed to friends artists everything for the effort and the belief in it… Everyone who participated is part of a unique event and that will grow over the years. So everyone stays with us to follow, and until unframed 2020… Hasta la vista!

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