Hello Minas, you from  Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Can you tell us when you started writing?
I’m started writing at 2016.

You are very good for only four years of practice, how you explain it?
Thank you before, maybe because Rune help me too and teach me how to paint. And I’m so thankful because Rune and his friends always teach me better.


Since how many times you paint with Rune?
I don’t know how many, sometimes we just make some simple pieces on the road to have fun.

How did you start painting?
I’m started to paint when I feel really bored waiting for rune paint. And Rime said to me for tried paint while waiting for Rune paint. And I did it, I’m happy to do that until now.


How old are you?
I’m 30 years old now.

What made you want to start?
I’m just curious for the first time. But I’m starting to like to paint.


Did you draw before?
Yeah, but I’m paint at the paper only, when I’m at high school.

What kind of drawing?
Before I make some face sketching, pattern but it’s long ago. And I don’t remember how I can do that. Hahahaha.


What you study?
I’m studying at Art school to learn basic colors, shapes, etc.

What is your job now?
I’m work at the graffiti shop since 2012, at Flame Graff Store, at Affandi Street No.18 Special Region Yogyakarta.


It’s a nice job for a writers
Yeah, it’s nice because we meet new people. And in here difficult to get a job. And I’m not really like in a serious kind of job.

How did you find this job?
From Rune, because of he in the graffiti world. And I’m star work at his friend shop. When I’m quiet, we thought to start making this own graffiti shop, 3 years ago.

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What do you look for when you paint? 
Happiness, friend. Because I’m happy when I do that, it’s relaxing. I can connect with others when I am painting.

What are your influences?
I have so many influences until now there are have a big impact at my graffiti. Rime the first one, Semor is my inspiration for my piece. But actually so many influences for me because they have so many good pieces and I’m still learning.


They are many girls to paint in Indonesia?
Yes, so many girl paints in Indonesia. But in my city maybe just 3 that I know paint. The other in another city.

What are other girls, you have a name?
In my city, the name is Bonita, Wedya, Mems, Cloris that I remember and we have met a person.


You paint with other girls in your city?
No, because sometimes we don’t get perfect time to meet. Some of girl still at school and I have to work.

You make street, trains, walls?
For wall yes, for trains not in here. It’s difficult to paint trains, you can get arrested here.


What frequency you paint?
It depends on my works when I have a thing much to do, I’m not really much paint.

They are a big writing scene in Yogyarkarta? and in Indonesia?
Yeah so many in here. We have so many new writers here. And so many people paint every day. Every day we have a new writer. But in here we have Rune, Nick2, Dyeget, and Manu more.


Hall, throwie, tags… can we think that there are specialties to Yogyarkarta or in Indonesia?
Indonesia, in another city they have much crowd to same as Yogyakarta

Have you a word for the end?
Keep painting no matter bad is it. Just going and make fun with your graffiti.


Photographies: Minas

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